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Wood Be Here

Here's our mess, where we realize our projects and ideas, something belongs here.  While everyone is going minimal, we're still sitting in our sawdusty corner, sharing our clutter with pride. 

Mediocre Table



This project carves out the celebratory presence of the mediocre yet locally significant plastic tables and stools that usually overshadowed in the corners of streets and minds. These pieces of furniture are so dear and ubiquitous that they become indispensable to Vietnamese lives.


Book a Life

Everyone has a book in them. We all have some kind of story to tell. But a lot of us have those little inner voices telling us that we're not writers. Then don't be a writer! Be writing. Just write. Carve out some time to write, for ourselves.


Here are blank books seeking a long-term relationship. This book can be your friend, your keeper for you to write your own life stories. And a perfect gift for any book lover.



The Brick

Brick is one of the oldest building materials. We love the humble yet timeless character of brick. This project pays homage to the beautifully simple brick. May this one be the most badass pen holder on your desk.


Fun Cards

Couldn't find gift cards with a surprising sense of humor around here so I've created them. Inappropriate jokes, funny flirty lines, brutally honest advice, dark and twisted wishes,...that will make your friends and loved ones laugh, cry, hug or kill you.

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