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The woman

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Grab some pieces of wood

Put them in a suitcase

Go to the specific place

Place them on the table

Stand next to the table

Order a drink and stir it as waiting for the rest of my life approach

Someone runs into me and say

"I like the concept of YOU, yes YOU not your brand but yourself !"

No, it didn't happen, I just want to feel the moment someone think I'm a cool person :)

But there's a young woman approached my table then she said:

"Can you deliver to my home tonight?"

"I like your things, you're talented!"

"I buy all of these, can you deliver to my home tonight?",

I went to her house that night

A residential apartment next to the golf valley

I went through two security gates to access into her place

When I got inside, I saw her sitting on the doorsteps in front of her modern stylish house

"Why!? They (security guards) always stop the person I'm waiting for?", said she

She shared her plan of building a hotel up in a mountain in India

"Who will climb to stay at that height!", I silently thought.


On two thousand meter height

With a pair of shaking legs

Dark and cold

Hungry and dirty

Just realized her idea totally make sense

Desperately need a hotel appears right here

Where clouds are


Back to her,

After delivery, we said goodbye

I caught a flight back to my place

Again, I left my wood in another city

That I never live in.

Hội An, Quảng Nam, Việt Nam

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