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To what hometown do we want to return?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Some friends asked: Can we return there too? but what kind of job will I get there. . .?

- To what hometown do we want to return?

We left our hometown before we had a conception of making love and money. Then, we’ve sent back piece by piece of the city to update our hometown: a new flat TV, a side by side fridge, a washing machine,… But then, we saw our mom still likes to cook with a firewood stove, our dad is still patient with the old TV which needs violence, a smack across the side to turn it on, and he prefers to wash clothes with his bare hands. They function smoothly without those modern appliances. They’re just perfectly fine without the things we bought with our hard-earned money. Our parents just need to know that we’re well-being while we’re in our worst being with stress and burnout from work, bonus, a broken heart from our relationships.

Now we’re back, and have another purpose for this time: update the past hometown we left or fix ourselves to be compatible with the hometown of the present. Actually, they're one thing since we are our hometown. Welcome back!

the day I was back

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