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Tiny House - Dancing coconut leaves on my roof

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

rArriving to my friend's house

Started assembling

Decided to sit the house between two coconut trees

Love this spot

I dug the soil for a flatter base

Put the deck on three long beams.

A leftover piece of polycarbonate

Put them on and

We have a roof!

"What's the point of a shelter with a transparent roof!?" My friend said

"Just use what we had," I said

Clear roof means inside as bright as the outside!

You have to walk when the sunrise

Nowhere to hide

Then something interesting happened

I like it!

It's fun to see the pattern of coconut leaves on my roof

Dancing constantly from daylight into the night.

Assembling in the yard of my friend house

Under the shade of coconut trees

The benefit of house under coconut tree is not only shade but also fresh drinks for the little moments worth savoring like this:

How about a drink from the roof!

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