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Tiny House - Blue by The Frame

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

People love "Before and After"

But rarely we see the middle part

Which is far cry from what we normally see

Only a few are willing to show the mediocrity.

I'm a true mediocre

I want to give you a window into the struggle

See what really looks like to try and to fail and try again

No matter how old fashion or dumb our way is

As long as you like what you do, just do it your way

Embrace your own mediocrity!

Old wood from my dad workshop to build the frames

There's a various kind of woods

Some light, some dark, some with holes

It doesn't matter

The beauty in diversity!

2.1m x 3.15m

Is it possible to live within 6 square meters?

I want it as small as possible

Can be disassembled for transport

I draw a simple plan

First the deck

Then I put on a plastic the chair

Sit down to look around

Feel like I want a door here

Two windows there...

After finishing each part

Sit down again

And decide what's next

Not knowing everything is a part of my plan.

One and a half-day for the deck

Two and a half-day for the studs

Total five days for the whole frame

Quite heavy than expected

Nothing new

All reused

Like the feeling of barefoot on natural wood

Love how the wind and light flow in and out

Through those cracks between floor planks

Feel like the house can really breathe.

With my man "Blue". Three legs, as quick as lighting, the real protector. Hobby : pee on new things

Wood in my workshop

The frame and Blue's smiling as he got his own house where he can be Blue