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Ella eh eh

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

We’re in one of the most beautiful train rides in the world

Gonna reach Nine Arches Bridge in few minutes

Right before we reach that beautiful piece of architecture

In the third class on the last carriage of the train

We're singing and dancing with a group of local boys

Then someone pushed my hand

I dropped my iPhone on the railway

He immediately took a picture of where it's dropped.

Run back to our seats

Grabbed our stuff

Jumped off at the next station

Which was Haputale

Put all the stuff at that station

Walked back along on the railway

So many precious things on my phone

Until this moment of the trip

It getting darker and colder

Try to calculate the distance from speed and time

Must be around here

But we haven't found it yet

The picture is blurred cause the train moved too fast

Gave no clue.

There's a house on the right side of the railway

We came in asking for help

There's a man didn't understand English

He went to find someone next door

The woman with the child on her arms

She wore a t-shirt with the slogan "Vietnam hidden charm"

"My brother used to work Vietnam! He gave me this t-shirt!", said she

A detail made unfamiliar place suddenly feel like home

She spoke very good English

Surprised to know I came from the place on her T-shirt

She told the man, go with us to search the phone.

We kept going

Look carefully on the grass along the rail track

A voice behind us

A black young man waving us

Something on his hand

He found my phone in a bush

I burst into happiness

Run into him

We're all hugged each other

They save my trip

Made unforgettable memory

We walked back to the house

The woman guided us on how to get back the station

To catch the last bus of the day

We missed the most Instagrammable part

Instead, we had the most heartwarming train ride.

Now it's time to run run run...