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I Lost My Child

I think I have low tolerance for children. Lost many friends to kids. I've seen what they're doing thanks. I've felt there's unlikely more of me in the world. There's only one me and still be left on the shelf so I don't think of producing more unmarketable. So no kid, no cry, no responsibility life but I do know how it feels like when you lost your child. You can even jump out of the train for your baby. That's exactly what I did when I dropped my phone on the railway.

I was on a train that people say is the most scenic train ride in the world. I was with a group of locals singing, dancing and screaming every time the train went through the tunnel like the sound of pleasure in a steamy movie scene. We're just about to reach the most picturesque part, I raised my phone to take a picture and someone accidentally hit my arm and poof! my phone was out of the door and out of sight. Grabbed our stuff, jumped off the next station and forgot all the plans for the dreamy destination. I was panicking but I knew I was gonna trace my phone down no matter what like Liam Neeson looking for his daughter in Taken “I will look for you, I will find you and I will fix you". My character of a crazy mom who lost her child, made my journey so unexpected, unforgettable and heartwarming. Thanks to that, I met many unbelievably nice and incredible people who helped me find my phone and my way back.

When you lost a kid, at least you still have the photos. Lost your phone, you lost everything. You can have another baby, it only takes nine months. But I can't sleep with some stranger and accidentally have a phone with hundreds of precious moments I want to remember for life! It takes a year to save money for that. And I just can’t go back from the adventure of a lifetime without a photo on instagram!

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