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I left the city three years ago. There’s more than enough people in the city, no need to add to that density. I felt there’s progress in everything, but nothing is important while here nothing is in progress, but everything is important to me. So I came back here, it just took a four-hour trip sleeping comfortably on the bus and I was home. But it’s not that easy for anybody now. It moves me to tears when I think of all the people who are struggling on their way home right now.

Why do we like to live in cities? Cities are gateways to money, position, and dream. Nobody came to the city just to survive, but now, even surviving seems not possible. So we had to leave the city, the city that no longer worked for us. And hometown is the landfall where we hope to end our period of exile, stop existing, and start living. Our way home today has been so long and grueling than ever before, still the most glorious way in the world.

My 48 hours homecoming bike trip a while ago

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