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My friend met his wife online so I thought ok, give online dating a try. But it’s way too much work and I'm way too lazy than I thought. First, create a profile like taking an online creative writing class. Then scroll down suggestion profiles like reading a lot of fiction. Then I had to swipe left and right like scrubbing oil on wood.

There are people who say they have a good heart, maybe I need a transplant someday. Some are highly spiritual, and I like spirits and liquors too. Their hobbies are trekking, hiking, while I enjoy breathing. Look like we have a lot in common! And then we got match, then I received a ton of messages asking what I just eat, on a daily basis, like he is a nutritionist or something. Get your own life, Jesus Christ!

Guess those dating sites are not designed for me. Think about writing a different kind of dating app, for woodworkers, maybe it’s called Timber.

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