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I'm a Cunt-ry Girl

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This is about a girl

Who just lost in this world

Even it's just 4km from her house

As many other millennials who wonder

Where they should live?

I'm just a Cunt-ry-girl!

Make furniture

For people who live in the cities

That I'll never move into

The place I live

No restaurant

No store beyond basic

Where I wear the same outfit

All week.

I want to be disconnected

I was done with crowded city

I am sort of forced minimalist

Physically, at least

Here no one to meet


Three meals a day I eat

With my parents and three furry beasts.

Incase you wonder what the hell I usually eat

Oh that depends on life circumstances

Sometimes sweetest south-east Vietnamese dishes

Other times weirdest versions of Macrobiotic

In case you haven't heard...Google it

But all the time I make the grossest dish

Make all mistakes should be avoided

Which get mom disappointed

Even my dogs decline it

I feel like this is my strongest

What's an interesting life?

Small town or big city life?

Larger place doesn't mean larger life

Is it possible to combine?

Faster place with lower feel?

Any place has plenty to offer

If one looks enough closer

All one need is open eyes and mind

To find the thing that suits one's lifestyle

A human being is interesting

Cause of who she is, not where she lives

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