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Bikesexual and Byesexual

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Bikesexual (n.): a person who only have sex with people ride bike

Byesexual (adj.): being single for so long that you don't even remember what's like to have romantic/sexual feeling

This is the story about how I find out my sexual orientation.

A friend gave me a bike so I decided to zigzag around with it, see what we miss when travel with higher speed. Here what I've learnt:

Travel by bike is a hard work but rewarding experience, dangerous but unique adventure. For every screaming uphill ride, there is a wonderful downhill glide. For every big vehicle comes, there is a headwind blow the crap out of you and your bike, leaving a cloud of dust in your eyes. For a far cry endless road, there is the endless field of paradise. Headwind and tailwind, front and back, up and down, crest and trough are inseparable, they are implicitly one. And you start to learn a lot about yourself, what you are capable of. I discovered that my vagina was capable of 250km on saddle and sex isn't the only way to make you come, sweaty and really be in the moment. There is alternative way to boost your endorphins level, not get in a room but get outside! Last but not least, it's guilty free so I think it's better than sex especially for byesexual like me.

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