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Being bored is the best thing to be here

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Living here on the edge of town on the Mekong Delta, which is essentially “rice bowl” for the whole region, you have more than you need to sustain your body and not many activities for entertainment.

My place is not the most intensively farmed area, it’s like in between agriculture heartland and its produce commerce center. You have all the convenience yet can access paddle fields and orchards within walking distance. Sounds good in both worlds, right!? But not many of us find that good.

There is no attraction or distraction here. Being bored is the best thing to be here. That’s why this place has been abandoned by young people, just like most of the provinces in Delta. Young souls flood into the big city for their exciting future.

Whenever a friend ask "Is there something fun in your hometown?" I feel like I work for KFC and a customer ask "Is there something healthy in your menu?", I would say "Leaving!", that is the most healthy thing you can get from here.

I used to live in the city. One of the problems of cities is they’re too damn interesting, making our minds unhinged by constant distraction and comparison. I wonder how anybody can do any real job there. I do like cities and all they can give. I just feel I get much more from them as a visitor on vacation while living full time in the countryside.

I think no matter where we are based, fresh and creative ideas can make life exciting and inspiring. There's an opportunity to create culture rather than consume it.

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